Alto Arc’s ‘Bordello’ Is A Remarkable Introduction

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Alto Arc have shared their bruising introductory statement ‘Bordello’.

The band is a unique proposition, a collective whose talents move from doom to left-field electronics via Top 10 pop hits.

In all, Alto Arc boast the talents of Isamaya Ffrench, George Clarke of Deafheaven, Danny L Harle, and Trayer Tryon of Hundred Waters, but the results sit in a field of their own.

‘Bordello’ is their full unveiling, a bona fide supergroup that punches above its sizeable gravitas.

Out now, ‘Bordello’ is a nuanced, textured affair, with its patiently unveiled structure acting as a Venn diagram between their vastly different influences.

Directed by Elizaveta Porodina, the video features Isamaya Ffrench as a sinister tarot card reader unveiling Clarke’s fate.

The director notes: “I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this video. Telling this story felt like opening an old book and uncovering a sinister fairy tale. An eerie vibrating presence fell over the rooms we built up, and it felt like oscillating from one dark world to another. It’s a privilege to witness such rare and magical moments.”

George Clarke adds: “Working with Elizaveta to see her vision through was wonderful and I couldn’t be happier with how beautifully this song was interpreted and captured.”

Tune in now.

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