Your EDM Premiere: LA Legend Mr. Deeds Is Back on the D&B with “Read Your Mind”

Mr. Deeds (fka SDF-1) can literally trace his rave roots back to the beginning in LA, appearing on flyers as early as 1995. With that sort of history, it’s no wonder that his sets and production have changed over the years. From some of the darkest darkstep in the 90s to fun and funky dub-laced dubstep to his latest rash of melodic dancefloor jams, Deeds has been an installment on the LA scene for literal decades.

Now also installed as an instructor at the prestigious Icon Collective music production school a regular on the SoCal party circuit and creator of a series of outdoor parties called Dad & Bass (DAB), Deeds has just released some new heaters to warm up the winter. The first, released just a couple of weeks ago, is a remix as part of Sour Diesel’s “Wrap this Chain” EP on Mechanical Advantage Records. He took the original high-pitched, nails-on-a-chalkboard synths and exploded them out rave-style whilst starbusting the snares in the face of the old school, “Scorpion” by 26 Red-style drums. The breaks in the track are a descent into 140 dubstep style, a nod to Deeds’s dubstep Dirty Deeds moniker and to what dubstep was originally made for: break music.

The second track, due out this Friday, November 12, and our exclusive premiere, “Read Your Mind” A surprisingly melodic tune, it features a boot of the TikTok famous song “Telepatia” by Kali Uchis but, of course, pitched up for D&B. Guaranteed to be an instant dancefloor hit, “Read Your Mind” has a classic flow and a rolling bassline that moves the track forward. The sine wave bass synth rolls around the vox in a way that compliments but doesn’t overpower it. “Read Your Mind” give off sweet summer vibes that will keep the dance warm throughout the cold winter.

Artists like Deeds making tracks like these ensure that the D&B world is reminded that the US scene is here to stay. All LA vibes and gnarly grinds, “Wrap this Chain” remix and “Read Your Mind” will help keep fans’ minds on stateside D&B.

“Read Your Mind” drops tomorrow, November 12. Check out other Deeds tunes on his Soundcloud.

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