Charley Crockett’s “Round This World” Is a Mystical Homage to His South Texas Roots


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Breakout country star Charley Crockett’s latest is “Round This World,” a country song with mystical origins that give a deeper sense of who he is as an artist and what motivates his creative desires. “To me, this is a ’from the grave’ song,” says Crockett to CMT. “I write a lot with the terrain of Far West Texas in my mind. The high Chisos in the chihuahua desert tell their own story, and I’ve never seen any other place like it. The legends that come from that area are just as wild and original as the land.”

He continues with a note regarding his pride in highlighting his South Texas roots in video form. “The place where I’m from which is a place rarely seen. I love the shrimp boats in Port Isabel especially. The lyrics tell the story plain and simple and everybody knows what it’s like to have to leave a loved one on the road of life hoping you make it back somehow.” The noteworthy crooner adds, “I’ve made a lot of videos with Bobby Cochran and I’m proud of them all, but this one to me is my favorite. I think the message in the song shows through on film in a powerful way. It knocked me out when I saw it. I don’t know. We just got lucky.”

In regards to this track and the rest of his forthcoming, Sept. 17 album Music City USA, Crockett writes via a press release, “I like to think of my sound as ‘Gulf & Western,’ [like] something you’d hear out of southeast Texas recording studios or southern Louisiana. Soul and Country R&B from the deep south is a whole lot of who I am. I hope it shows.”

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