Chris Jones & The Night Drivers do The Opry


Chris Jones & The Night Drivers

As promised, last Saturday night (July 2) saw Chris Jones & The Night Drivers make their debut performance on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Chris said that they felt right at home backstage, meeting up with so many people they know in the industry and being treated so well by Opry staff.

But still, he said that recognizing just where you are does lead to a few butterflies.

“Stepping out on that stage and feeling that incredible history, it’s hard not to have some nerves, but what I felt more than anything was the joy of getting the opportunity. I have to say that we just really enjoyed ourselves out there. There’s something about the Grand Ole Opry atmosphere that’s so welcoming and supportive, that it just felt really good. What a memorable experience that was!”

Their brief set was very well received by the live audience in the Opry House, and by many thousands upon thousands listening on the radio as well.

They also received the customary reserved parking sign for new debutants, and a nice Hatch Show Print for the night’s entertainment.

Congratulations to Chris, and his fellow Drivers Mark Stoffel, Grace Van’t Hof, and Marshall Wilborn.

They also shared some photos of their night at the Opry, taken by Mary Stoffel. 

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