Cody Johnson is Going Viral Over Mac & Cheese

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Just call him Cody Johnson, the TikTok star.

Johnson, known for his love of rodeo and poignant lyrics, is having a moment right now on TikTok.

Johnson’s Christmas song “Hat Made of Mistletoe” is enjoying a new viral life because fans just can’t get enough of the line about mac & cheese.

He sings: “’Cause you and me are like mac ’n’ cheese the way we go together|We could ride my pony off into that sunset forever.”

@cojonation #COJONation I love seeing your videos to Hat Made of Mistletoe! Y’all have moves! Keep ‘em coming! #HatMadeOfMistletoe @Kouvr ♬ Hat Made Of Mistletoe – Cody Johnson

Fans are pairing the lines from the song with a dance that includes them doing a dosey doe with someone they love and then – at least attempting to – give the person a piggyback ride off-screen. Much of the time, the piggyback ride ends in hilarious demise. People are making videos with their partners, kids, and even their dogs. The sound has been used on the social media platform well over 100,000 times.

“Hat Made of Mistletoe” is from Johnson’s new Christmas album “A Cody Johnson Christmas.”

However, more people may be familiar with Johnson’s new country radio hit “’Til You Can’t.”

“It would have been hard not to choose that song (as a single) because of the message,” Johnson told CMT. “My thought was if this is a hit, what a great message to have your name attached to.”

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When he heard the original, he thought it was sad and slow but was moved by its inspirational message in the lyrics. He went in to record, and he and his producer, Trent Willmon, switched things up to make it a fist-pumping sing-along favorite.

“We were like, ’This needs to be a message,’” Johnson said. “If you’ve got a chance, take the chance. Go out and chase your dreams until you can’t. Every one of us, you try not to think about it every day, but we all have an expiration date. From now until that expiration date, it’s about chase your dreams, take your chance, tell people you love that you love them. It turned into this happy, anthemic experience.”

Johnson said it was a unanimous decision on his team to release “’Til You Can’t” as the lead single from his new “Human The Double Album.”

The response he’s receiving live and on country radio more than validates their choice.

“I’ve not had a ton of success at radio, but I’ve thrived as a live artist,” he said. “And, “Til You Can’t’ is the most reactive song I’ve ever seen. People are screaming every word at the top of their lungs. It feels way different, right down to the meat and bones of playing it live.”

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