Disability and Inclusion Ambassador Ruth Lyon Releases Sensational Debut EP ‘Nothing’s Perfect’ and Lead Single ‘Motormouth’

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There are few recording artists who have successfully merged pop and folk-blues traditions in a collection of self-penned songs with infectious melodies, soulful atmospherics and deeply personal, poetic lyrics. Ruth Lyon achieves this and more on Nothing’s Perfect, each of the five tracks representing a different shade in her multiple musical palette. Ruth’s music comes from the heart and is steeped in life’s experiences good and bad, most recently as a wheelchair user with a chronic illness who is devoted to raising awareness of inclusivity for disability in the arts.

Given that the EP was born out of wanting to experiment and have fun, “Fast Food” appropriately celebrates the joy of new freedoms, Lyon’s tongue in cheek, gritty and energetic vocals oozing wit and absurdity. She possesses the rare skill of maintaining a voice of grace, emotion and clarity while delivering a compelling, entertaining and fun-filled message. Against a backcloth of funky rhythms courtesy of co-producer/percussionist Rhiannon Mair and bassist Tommy Evans, Ruth the consummate wordsmith celebrates her life as a rock and roller doing exactly what she wants to do. 

Fast Food is totally unlike the other tracks I have released and more like a bit of fun, documenting my mind melting over the past year! And a very silly lockdown video to match! We had such a great time making it though. 

Lemon Tree” might sound like an indie-pop love song but it is also a revelation about the end of the world! The lyrics like the vibe are carefree, confessional and evocative: “Lemon tree scent’s all over me/ Intoxicating, nectar drunk I fell asleep/ You color in my dreams/ With broad brush strokes of a memory.”

Despite its upbeat vibes, this is actually an apocalypse anthem! It’s about finding that person in your life that makes you feel so good that even the end of the world couldn’t bring you down. When everything turns to shit and there’s nothing left, meet me where you’ll know I’ll be, under the lemon tree. That’s how I like to envisage the end anyway! 

The bluesy ballad “Paper Aeroplane” showcases Ruth at her most powerful and nostalgic, her classy keyboard and clarinet accompaniment complementing perfectly a truly stunning vocal performance. “A hurricane is howling but I feel safe inside /A storm is breaking but I got a place to hide.”

This is the child inside looking out for us: “In my imagination I found out what I used to know,” and is clearly a song with special significance for Ruth.

On “Motormouth,” with its heavy opening riffs and rapping hip hop vocal style intro, Lyon regrets saying the words “I love you, never met anyone quite like you” and speaking too soon. It is yet another example of her incisive lyricism and storytelling, this one with attitude. The atmospheric synths and echo effects of Ruth’s backing vocals contribute to this mesmeric song’s rich texture. John Martindale’s talented and empathetic production team at Blank Studios achieves an exceptional sound quality. 

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I can’t count the amount of times I’ve died of embarrassment opening my mouth too soon – but we’ve all been there, right? I wear my emotions like clothes and I’ve been hurt because of it. But I won’t apologize for it and I’m certainly not going to change at this point.

The finale comes all too soon with “Little Blue,” a dark song about Ruth’s symbiosis with the medications she relies on, epitomized by a little blue pill which makes her ‘lazy’ and ‘hazy.’ From the stark opening piano chords to the sumptuous classical strings of the simpatico ensemble, delicate filigree meets impassioned crescendos courtesy of the tasteful team of musicians.

The exquisite tones of Ceitidh Mac’s cello and multi-instrumentalist Ruth’s violin and viola are just perfect. It is Grammy winner Cameron Craig’s turn to take a bow for his high quality co-production and innovative musical inputs. Lyon explores her psyche to its depths with angst but not anger as she confronts a central impasse in her life with trademark fortitude, “I can’t live like this forever but I wanna live forever.”

While the EP is entitled Nothing’s Perfect, the opposite is true of this pathos infused, introspective, inspiring, and above all, gloriously joyful musical journey. Only a year into her solo career, award-winning campaigner Ruth Lyon’s creativity, positivity and ineffable spirit make her a powerful role model shining a light for her generation.

Little Blue

Little blue you make me lazy

Little blue you make me hazy

Little blue take me away from this room

Mon ami take a trip with me

Mon ami You give me love for free

Mon ami It’s always you and me drifting at sea

Oh sweet Delphinium I’ve found my equilibrium 

I slide down the triptyline

Dead in my tomb but I never left my room

On and on I can’t do this forever

I can’t do this forever, forever

Little blue did I come to too soon

Little blue could I ever cut you loose

Tangled together will be friends forever

Oh sweet Delphinium I’ve found my equilibrium

I slide down the triptyline

Dead in my tomb but I never left my room

On and on I can’t do this forever

I can’t live like this forever 

I can’t live like this forever

But I wanna live forever, forever

I could forget you

but would it make it all better

Or would I fall, would I fall

Back to blue

Feels like I’m sinking

But I don’t believe it

Chalk it down to dreaming, dreaming

I’m deep in my mind

I can’t live like this forever

I can’t live like this forever

I can’t live forever, foreverrrrrrrr

I can’t live like this forever 

I can’t live like this forever

We all wanna live forever

Pink Lane Records 2021 

EP produced by Ruth Lyon and co-producers Cameron Craig, Rhiannon Mair and John Martindale

Engineered by Conrad Bird

Mastered by John Greenham

Photography by Jonny Sabiston

Motormouth Video by Kraken Cinematic with special thanks to Polestar Studios 

Available on Spotify and other major music streaming platforms from October 22nd.

Connect with Ruth Lyon: Official | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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