DJ G-String Drops House Burner ‘Only If’

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DJ G-String returns with new single ‘Only If’.

The producer is steeped in vintage house shapes, having grown up in the environs of Chicago – the birth place of house as an entity.

Finessing her approach down to a tee, DJ G-String is a female voice in an often masculine space, and she’s making herself heard.

New single ‘Only If’ is out now, and it’s reminiscent of those early Flume cuts or even Camelphat’s more melodic fare.

A toned, slinky release, ‘Only If’ is vocal house at its most direct. DJ G-Strong comments…

“My latest single, ‘Only If’ is an emotional, high energy, house track. It is about trying to figure out how to communicate with your significant other. Many times in our lives, we just wish the other person could just wake up. Life is so short so even in a relationship, things can be easy and they should be. It’s all about Only if I could.”

Buy it HERE or check it out below.

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