GIRLI’s ‘Ruthless’ Video Is A Steam-Punk Explosion


GIRLI has a tendency to do things her own way.

Maybe it’s innate, in her DNA – wherever it comes from, the pop rebel simply has to walk her own path.

New EP ‘Damsel In Distress’ is incoming, set to gain an official release on October 22nd.

Her single ‘Ruthless’ leads the way, a pristine slice of electronic bedlam that bulldozes its way over the finish line.

As GIRLI puts it: “‘Ruthless’ is about losing naivety and childish excitement and having to face the cold hard truth of the world – learning about deception, fake friendships, having to grow a thick skin and lose the happy go lucky girl you were to rise to the top; having to become ruthless. It’s especially something that so many women face in the creative industries, as they get trodden on by money-hungry people who don’t give a shit and only want to exploit them – a lot of the time men or women brainwashed into hating on other women by the patriarchal structures of our society…”

Kassandra Powell directs the video, a steam-punk explosion that has GIRLI – and her squad – take control of a junkyard, all while dressed up in 18th century finery.

Airing through Clash, it’s a typically bolshy, up-front clip, with GIRLI leading the way. She comments:

“The concept of the ‘Ruthless’ music video is a queen who’s been through so much bullshit and ousted from kingdom and now she doesn’t give a fuck as she rules over her post- apocalyptic junkyard kingdom. I chose to style myself and the cast in 18th century princess attire, to hint at Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette and Vivienne Westwood’s punk take on this era while also nodding to Marie Antoinette herself, who was a woman who was scapegoated and hated by society – this video is pink, punk, anti-establishment, pure ruthless rebellion.”

Watch it now, and check out some behind the scenes snaps up top.

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