Henhouse Prowlers sign with Dark Shadow Recording


Henhouse Prowlers

Dark Shadow Recording announced today that they have signed the Henhouse Prowlers to an exclusive recording contract. The Chicago-based band will begin work soon on a new project with the Nashville label.

The Henhouse Prowlers have been active for 17 year now, touring not only all over the US and Canada, but throughout the world as well, performing on good will excursions with the US State Department that have found them playing in the various nations of Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Jake Howard is on mandolin, Jon Goldfine on bass, Chris Dollar on guitar, and Ben Wright on banjo. They have produced nine albums during their time together, including a live recording they made in Kyrgyzstan. Their sound is a mix of traditional bluegrass with original material, offering a modern, urban vibe in keeping with their home in the Windy City, combined with the guys’ obvious instrumental virtuosity.

You can get a feel of their style in this short set the Prowlers performed for Paste magazine back in 2020.


Stephen Mougin, who runs Dark Shadow and serves as chief audio engineer, says that he has been hoping to snag these Prowlers for a year or so now.

“I really enjoyed their wildly energetic 2021 IBMA Raleigh Street Festival performances and I immediately knew I wanted to work with them. Appreciating their professionalism, business acumen, and musical personality, I’ve had my eye on the band for a number of years, but it seemed like NOW was the time.

When we started chatting about joining forces, I felt like we had known them forever. Like old pals, long-traveled touring partners, and musical conspirators, we realized our collective missions were aligned. It’s time to make some music!”

No word yet on when we can expect a new Henhouse Prowlers album from Dark Shadow Recordings.

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