Indiana Breakout midwxst Shares New Single ‘Ruthless’


18 year old alt-pop savant midwest has unleashed new single ‘Ruthless’.

The Indiana native – born Edgar Sarratt III – never felt like he fitted in growing up, and poured those feelings of isolation into music.

Operating outwith any set ‘scene’, he put his bizarre, off piste pop constructions on SoundCloud, and eventually found his community.

Loosely tagged in with the ‘hyper pop’ movement, in reality his music is far too independent to fit easily within any set label.

New single ‘Ruthless’ is a case in point; bright and vivid, it utilises shuddering trap beats alongside day-glo synths to craft something genuinely startling.

His first official release since signing to Geffen Records, the visuals for ‘Ruthless’ come courtesy of Nirvan Sorooshian (@dotcomNirvan).

Tune in now.

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