Jinjer reunites with former guitarist Dmitry Oksen in “Disclosure!” video

jinjer disclosure video
[Photo by Clément Thiery]

Following the release of their fourth studio album, Wallflowers, Jinjer are continuing to treat fans to new content. The Ukrainian prog-metal band have shared a new music video for “Disclosure!,” which comes from their latest record.

The cinematic visual for “Disclosure!” captures the band’s powerful energy and illustrates just how far their limits can be pushed.

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The track is driven by aggressive, distorted guitars and guttural screeches that give Jinjer their trademark sound. Directed by Bazil Pereverzev, the visual ultimately brings the song to life through a psychological plotline that plays tricks on your mind.

“The track ‘Disclosure!’ and the video itself is a very important video for Jinjer,” bassist 

Eugene Abdukhanov says. “Not only is it one of our favorite tracks on the new album as well as live, [but] our ex-guitarist Dmitriy Oksen stars in the video. [It] was great to work with him again, even if it’s in a different capacity now.”

The video’s concept explores the pressure of being in the spotlight, a theme that Abdukhanov has become very familiar with.

“Believe it or not, it is not always easy being in the spotlight all the time. With each success this band reaches, there is a huge amount of expectations from the outside that come with each step we make,” he continues.

“From personal opinions to politics and now to the pandemic, our every move is scrutinized and judged by the outside. Although it’s not always fun, we would not have it any other way.”

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In a recent interview with AltPress, vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk explained the band’s sonic and introspective lyrical approach to creating the new album.

“Although we love all our songs and albums equally, this one is much braver because [our bassist] Eugene made it so heavy, and we’ve never done that before,” Shmayluk says of Wallflowers.

“Lyrically, it’s also a very sincere album,” she continues. “It doesn’t deal with any social or global topics. It doesn’t reflect environmental problems and war as we’ve done before. We’ve had a few songs about those topics before, but this is completely mentally oriented.”

Watch the music video for “Disclosure!” below.

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