Lute Doesn’t Trust People Who Eat Arby’s | HNHH’s Snack Review


Throughout the second episode, Lute got to speak more at length about his favorite foods from back home. At one point, he listed his top five favorite fast food joints which included PDQ, Bojangles, Chic-Fil-A, Burger King, and Wendy’s. He also went on to diss Arby’s, saying "If you eat Arby’s, you’re definitely a serial killer. Who the fuck is eating roast beef sandwiches?"

Lute also went on to say that when it comes to his own cooking, he loves to make tacos and that it is the one dish that he always knocks out of the park. He even noted that in his house, there are no guilty pleasures and that he’s eat anything if he enjoys it.

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