Making Hay video from Mike Mitchell

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Mike Mitchell

Turnberry Records has a music video for their latest single from Virginia singer/songwriter and fiddler, Mike Mitchell.

The song, Making Hay, is one Mike wrote with Dawn Kenney about winning the affections of another, using the metaphor of rural life down on the farm.

Mike says that it was inspired by scenes he sees on his morning walk near his home in Floyd, VA.

“When the hay is baled and drying in the fields, it’s an exciting time of year! This inspired the chorus of the song, and my go- to, amazing, songwriter friend, Dawn Kenney, helped write the verses to craft a sweet story with a bit of a double entendre.”

Making Hay incorporates a four part gospel-style harmony, not really common for secular songs. But it works just fine on this upbeat bluegrass number. Mike is supported in the studio by Joey Mosley on guitar, Jake Mosley on mandolin, Tray Wellington on banjo, and Jason Moore on bass. Jesse Smathers and Jesse Brock sang harmony.

For the video, Mitchell brought in his sister, Melissa Gerth, and her husband, James Robey, to act out the parts.

Making Hay is available now from popular download and streaming services online. Radio programmers will find the track at AirPlay Direct.

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