Mitski’s ‘Love Me More’ Is An Urgent Pep Talk


Mitski returns with new song ‘Love Me More’.

The track appears on incoming album ‘Laurel Hell’, a record that seemingly went through several periods of evolution.

Produced by Patrick Hyland, ‘Love Me More’ begin in a more recognisable, songwriter-led arena before exploring distinctly different climes.

Seekingly something “more up-tempo and dance-y”, the record ended up becoming something that “was also a pep talk.”

Undulating electronics with a direct and dynamic feel, it also owes a hidden debt to Mike Oldfield’s work on The Exorcist score.

Mitski comments…

“As ‘Love Me More’ was written pre-pandemic, lyrics like ‘If I keep myself at home’ had different meanings than what they would now, but I kept them on the album because I found that some of the sentiments not only remained the same, but were accentuated by the lockdown.”

“‘Love Me More’ went through the most iterations out of all the songs on the album. It’s been too fast, too slow, and at some point, it was even an old style country song. Finally, I think because we had watched The Exorcist, we thought of Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells’ and experimented with floating an ostinato over the chorus. As we steadily evolved the ostinato to fit over the chord progressions, we began to hear how the track was meant to sound.”

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Ebru Yildiz

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