Nor’ Easter from Jake Eddy, with Andy Statman and Ned Luberecki

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Jake Eddy

Things have been moving fast for West Virginia guitarist Jake Eddy. Not many months ago he was an obscure flatpicker, working on bluegrass with his brother around home, and posting videos on YouTube.

Last summer, we heard a powerful track he recorded with a pair of Swedish grassers and brother Carter. Not long after that, he was announced as the new guitarist with the Becky Buller Band, and he found himself performing on the Grand Ole Opry. Now he has a solo album on the way, recorded with master mandolinist Andy Statman and banjo whiz Ned Luberecki. Cater is on bass.

Today we are delighted to highlight the project’s title track, Nor’ Easter, an appropriate title for this tempest of a guitar tune which starts with a flatpicking flurry.

So, how did a new guitarist on the scene manage to rope in someone as highly esteemed as Andy Statman?

“I reached out to Andy in hopes of doing some writing and recording, and what I ended up with was a bandmate and a friend! We recorded this in Brooklyn during one of their biggest snow storms last season – over a foot where we tracked. We all played a bit the night before, and then straight in the studio. It was all cut live with no edits.”

Check it out…

Jake is now performing with Andy in a run of shows coming up later this month. Starting on May 22, they have concerts scheduled throughout the northeast, including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, and Connecticut, up to the end of the month.

More information about the release of Jake’s Nor’ Easter album is expected in the near future.

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