Scrawny’s ‘Space’ Is A Delirious Piece Of Handmade Alt-Pop


Scrawny has shared his brand new single ‘Space’.

Out now, it finds Scrawny nailing his hand-made alt-pop sound – from the hand claps to the glitzy synths, from the impeccable chorus to that face-melting guitar solo.

It’s a song that returns the songwriter to his roots; real name Jesse Dill, Scrawny is a childhood nickname, one he embraced, subverting it to call it his own.

‘Space’ comes from his debut EP ‘I could learn a thing or two’ and lyrically it deals with attempting to find clarity in unclear times.

Of course, this personal dose of lyrical wonder is wrapped around a sensational ear-worm alt-pop melody.

He comments…

“The song is about dreaming while I’m awake and the unknown future that feels like it’s moments away. Space balances between distraction and focus: by having my head in the clouds, I’m having the most clarity I’ve had in years.”

Tune in now.

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