Sherelle Has Remixed Lone’s ‘Visited By Astronauts’


Sherelle has shared her remix of Lone’s ‘Visited By Astronauts’.

Out now, it’s her contribution to Lone’s multi-artist remix project ‘Natural Aerials’, which re-works material from last year’s ‘Always Inside Your Head’ album.

Sherelle’s reworking is her first official, publicly available remix, which – if you think about it – is kinda mad.

Driving Lone’s electronics into a footwork and jungle sphere, she ups the tempo and deconstructs the composition, finding new space for exploration.

In a note Sherelle said she had sought to give Lone’s song “a space age, footwork jungle twist.”

She continued: “It’s a pleasure and honor to remix for Lone, as being a longtime fan, it’s beautiful to be able to collaborate. I really wanted my first remix to be special and also for someone who I hugely admire, so Matt (Cutler aka Lone) asking me to be involved in this process was truly magical!”

The new remix follows a hectic 12 months for Sherelle, which included her EP ‘160 Down the A406’ and a special mix for Fabric.

Tune in now.

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