The Imbeciles Peer Beneath The American Veneer With ‘Tiny Blue People’


The Imbeciles are a force to be reckoned with.

Band leader Butch Dante is almost impossibly creative, writing music at every turn.

The group crafted a well-received debut album in 2019, while the ‘Dissolution Sessions’ EP followed in 2020.

Linking with Killing Joke figure and esteemed producer Youth, new album ‘Imbecilica’ set to land on May 20th via Cadiz Music.

Available to pre-order HERE it’s a punchy return, one that digs down under the veil of modern society.

Take new track ‘Tiny Blue People’. On the surface, it’s a ballsy rocker, with Youth’s production adding some dark, gothic, and dynamic.

Lyrically, it finds Butch Dante taking aim at American society, looking beyond the white picket fence exterior to reveal its dark heart.

“The song is about the duality of American middle-class society,” reveals Butch Dante. “At one level everything looks perfect, idyllic – but in reality, those perfect lawns and crystal blue pools conceal the vilest perfidy, a world ruled by egotism and base cruelty.”

We’re able to share the animated video for ‘Tiny Blue People’, and it’s a colourful counterpoint to the directness of The Imbeciles’ music.

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Tom Sheehan

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