Wanderlust – new single from Rock Hearts

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Rock Hearts

615 Hideaway Records has released their first single with Rock Hearts, since signing them to a recording contract last month. The southern New England grassers will produce multiple projects for the Nashville label.

For their debut the band has chosen Wanderlust, a new song written by guitarist and lead vocalist Alex MacLeod. As the title suggests, it’s about that feeling that you need to keep moving, and staying in one spot too long starts to make you anxious.

He say that it’s a feeling he sees in himself, growing up in a military family.

“It’s a song that I would dedicate to every adult military brat, who by simply being born into a military family, had to move frequently, often leaving friends and loved ones behind, always being the new kid, and trying to make sense of it all, never knowing where they’re from. Not so much the story, but the genesis of the story.”

Alex is supported by his regular bandmates Joe Deetz on banjo, Billy Thibodeau on mandolin, Rick Brodsky on bass, and Austin Scelzo on fiddle, with a special assist from Michael Cleveland, who joins Austin for a twin fiddle break, and a soaring solo of his own.

Have a listen…

Wanderlust is available now from popular download and streaming services online, and to radio programmers through AirPlay Direct.

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