Banjolit gift package will benefit ETSU bluegrass students

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BanjoLit, the banjo accessory company in the Czech Republic, has put together a gift package for holiday shoppers that will benefit students in the ETSU Bluegrass, Country & Old Time Music program.

The package includes a BanjoLit T-shirt, sticker, and Musician’s Diary, specially priced at $22. For each of these sold, BanjoLit will donate a Musicians Diary to an ETSU student.

The Diary was designed by professional musicians with spaces for artists to keep track of dates, and record expenses and income in a small, easy to store book. You can imagine how useful that would be for a student who needs to be aware of classes, lessons, ensemble rehearsals, and gigs.

The T-shirts are made with a BanjoLit design, a hand making the peace sign wearing banjo picks.

Even though the company is based in the Czech Republic, they maintain inventory in the United States as well so that shipping is quick and cost effective.

To order the special gift package, visit the BanjoLit web site online. You can also view their many products for banjo and mandolin players, including the Dr Arm wooden armrests.

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