Banjos from Kaspar Herde collection to auction next week

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Here’s an important notice for collectors of antique banjos. 28 instruments from the collection of Kaspar Herde will be auctioned on Friday, November 12 in Hamburg, Germany.

These are all fine tenor banjos from the 1930s, including instruments made by prominent builders like Bacon, Epiphone, Gibson, Vega, Stromberg, Paramount, and Weymann. Many are rare, highly collectible pieces in excellent playing condition.

The auction will be handled by Kendzia, who has the banjos nicely catalogued online, with numerous photos for each model along with a video of each piece being played. For example, here is video of a 1935 Gibson Florentine being played by Nico Schneider.

Most of these banjos will sell with their original cases, and even if you aren’t inclined to join in and bid, the photos in the Kendzia catalog are pure banjo porn.

Anyone with questions about any of the instruments in this lot, or about how the auction will be conducted, is invited to contact Sebastian Schroeder by email.

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