Bed of Snow video from Chris Jones & The Night Drivers

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Mountain Home Music has released a music video for Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, for one of the tracks on their current album with the band, Make Each Second Last.

It’s for one Jones wrote with Thomm Jutz, Bed of Snow, an appropriate song for this time of year, especially in the hinterlands of western Canada where Chris resides. They created a tender ballad that looks forward to spring and new opportunities in the coming year.

Chris said that the inspiration came from, you guessed it…

“I live in northern Alberta where snow covers the ground for at least 6 months. While I was on my in-laws’ farm I thought about the hope that lies under that snow, even after a bad year. It became a metaphor for the pandemic period, and I got together with Thomm Jutz via video chat and wrote the song.”

He is supported by his regular bandmates Mark Stoffel on mandolin, Marshall Wilborn on bass, and Grace van’t Hof on ukulele. They are supplemented with Carley Arrowood on fiddle and Tony Creasman on drums. Mark and Grace provide the harmony vocals.

Check it out.

Bed of Snow and the full Make Each Second Last album are available now from popular download and streaming services on line. Radio programmers will find the tracks at AirPlay Direct.

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