Blind Boys of Bethlehem from Mo’s Granted

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Mo's Granted

Today’s new Christmas music comes all the way from Sweden, and a group called Mo’s Granted, fronted by Canadian-born vocalist, Imogen Grant.

It’s a new song written by Swedish poet Jakob Knapp called Blind Boys of Bethlehem.

Mo’s Granted has found success performing at bluegrass festivals in Sweden, like Gränna, Stockholm, and Torsåker. In addition to Imogen on lead vocals, the band includes Kenneth Kjellgren on banjo, Jan-Olof Jonsson on guitar, Gustav Jonsson on mandolin, and Peter Cedermark on bass.

Peter tells us that this is their first entry into Christmas music, and that Blind Boys of Bethlehem offers a message recommending that we not let chaos around us prevent gathering over the holidays.

“The song urges us all to gather with friends and family and celebrate Christmas, even when the world is plagued by poverty and restlessness.”

Have a listen…

Blind Boys of Bethlehem is available now from popular downloading streaming services online.

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