Caleb Bailey & Paine’s Run Merry Mountain Christmas

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Merry Mountain Christmas

Guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, and bandleader Caleb Bailey hosted the first ever Merry Mountain Christmas celebration December 9-10 in Grottoes, Virginia, where his band, Paine’s Run, is based.

Music was provided by Shenandoah Drive, Chris Burton, Caleb Cox of the US Navy Band Country Current, and Caleb Bailey & Paine’s Run. Attendees were treated to a pork loin dinner in addition to the music, plus comedy from Butter Bean the Rodeo Clown and his twin sister, ‘Sharon Jean.’

Caleb hopes to make this an annual event, and plans to continue bringing in top tier guest performers to join in the Merry Mountain Christmas.

He shared these photos from the 2022 event.

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