Closer Than I’ve Ever Been drops for Daniel Crabtree

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Daniel Crabtree

Bell Buckle Records has a new single for bluegrass Gospel singer and songwriter Daniel Crabtree, the title track from his current album, Closer Than I’ve Ever Been. Two of his previous compositions have been recorded by Larry Sparks, both making it to the top of the Bluegrass Today Gospel Weekly airplay chart.

This is his fifth album of original bluegrass Gospel, produced once again by Daniel with Donna Ulisse.

The single tells of being close to the end of a sprint, and he explains where he found the inspiration.

“Several passages in the Bible refer to living life as running a race, with the runner winning the prize at the end. We know that the prize is eternal life, and I’m nearer now to heaven than I’ve ever been.” 

Crabtree is supported on this track by Nashville superstars Cody Kilby on guitar, Scott Vestal on banjo, Harry Clark on fiddle, Patrick McAvinue on fiddle, Gaven Largent on reso-guitar, and Evan Winsor on bass. Ulisse, Rick Stanley, and Aaron McCune add the four part harmony.

Have a listen…

Closer Than I’ve Ever Been, both the single and the album, are available now from popular download and streaming services online. Radio programmers will find the tracks at AirPlay Direct.

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