CMT PREMIERE: Keb’ Mo’ Celebrates His Hometown in “Good to Be (Home Again)”

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Keb’ Mo’ grew up more than 2,000 miles from Nashville in Compton, south of Los Angeles, California. Through his new video “Good to Be (Home Again),” the Grammy Award-winning blues/Americana artist hoped to transport viewers to his beloved hometown.

“It creates an atmosphere where you can understand what living in the great city of Compton feels like and what it meant for me to grow up there,” said the singer. “I just hope they want to watch it one more time and that they understand that Compton is so much more than what the media would lead you to believe.”

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Keb’ Mo’ wrote “Good to Be (Home Again)” with Mark Ramos Nishita, and DirektorGayle directed the music video.

The clip allowed the artist to drive a ’61 Oldsmobile convertible through the town and visit his old stomping grounds, including a coffee shop, barbershop and restaurant, which was meaningful.

“At the end of the day, hanging with the Compton Cowboys at their ranch, it was truly a spiritual experience connecting with an important piece of my neighborhood,” he said. “Another favorite moment was speaking to Taj Mahal on FaceTime during the filming.
A little piece of that made it into the final edit.”

Keb’ Mo’ couldn’t be happier with the finished product – or who he enlisted to help him create it.

“I felt like the director, and Compton Cowboy Randy Savvy and videographer DirektorGayle really nailed the spirit of the song,” he said. “It felt great to see two guys from my hood really bringing it. World-class.”

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