CMT Premiere: Tracy Lawrence Collides a Cowboy and Ballerina in “Don’t Drink Whiskey” Video

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Tracy Lawrence brings his alcohol-drenched heartbreak song “Don’t Drink Whiskey” alive in his new video directed by Tristan Cusick.

For the clip, Lawrence said he envisioned a cowboy and ballerina struggling with their relationship.

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“It’s two totally different occupations, and I wanted that to develop and make sense,” he explains. “It was really challenging, but the video did just that. And that made me very happy. The concept of bringing two different worlds together and facilitating it through a video really brings the song to life.”

“Don’t Drink Whiskey” was written by Cassidy Lynn Alexander, Conner Lawrence Sweet and Marla Cannon-Goodman. Lawrence loved the chance to film the song’s music video in multiple locations – especially the farm. He says that being around the cattle and driving the tractor was “a lot of fun.”

“I hope the fans take away that relationships are a struggle,” he says. “Sometimes they don’t work because of the overwhelming passion one has for their own art.”

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