Coachella Gives Rare Early Teaser Of Artist For Next Year — Swedish House Mafia


Coachella is generally pretty tight-lipped about who’s playing its festival until the complete lineup drops. Though fans can sometimes make educated guesses based on gaps in tour schedules, it’s usually frowned upon for any artist to explicitly come out and say they’re playing the festival until the official announcement.

That being said, Coachella is jumping the gun on their own with a teaser for Swedish House Mafia at this upcoming April festival.

The trio’s logo has been seen all over the US lately, more than hinting at an incoming tour, especially as they’re due to drop an album before the end of the year. So Swedish House Mafia playing Coachella is not a huge surprise in and of itself, just that the festival is leading the charge.

Check out the teaser below and let us know if you think there’s any other way to interpret it.

Image by Hannes Soderlund

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