Culture Clash: Fickle Friends


Fickle Friends are walking their own path.

Steadfast alt-pop from a group whose can only ever be themselves, new album ‘Are We Gonna Be Alright?’ is out on January 14th.

It marks another about-turn from the group, whose debut album hit the Top 10.

Working independently, the ‘Weird Years’ EP series explored their left-field interests, while recent single ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ saw them surge back into pop contention.

With a new album incoming, Clash caught up with Fickle Friends’ singer Natassja Shiner to chat cultural pursuits…

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I think I’ll have to say Absolutely Fabulous… my mum introduced me to it pretty early in life (it came out in 1992, the year of my birth). Honestly I have never found anything funnier. I am a massive fan of the early French & Saunders sketches, it’s like they can see into my brain and know exactly how to tickle me.

I have photos of my cousin and I dressing up as Patsy and Edi every Christmas since we were about nine, pretending to drink “bolly” and tottering around the house in outlandish outfits.

Every time I’m feeling really low, I watch the episode France and laugh until I cry. It’s like giving my brain a bubble bath; I can forget all my worries and exist in the safe hands of Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley. It is my favourite, favourite TV show, and arguably the reason why I have such a strong penchant for drinking, dress like a lunatic and live in London.

Side note, probably the best theme song (This Wheel’s On Fire’) of any show EVER, even Friends.


God I love movies. I really don’t think I can pick just one… there are actually four that come to mind and perfectly sum up who I am.

So let’s go with those…

True Romance – LOVE Tarantino, perfect amount of gore and action, stunning love story, music by Hans Zimmer. Perfection.

The Holiday – you might think me lame, but it is the most healing film. It is also probably my most frequently watched film ever. All year round vibe. Jude Law, Jack Black, Kate and Cameron. Music by Hans Zimmer (sensing a theme here), and it’s one of my favourite scores everrrr…honestly…apart from the next film. Two UNREAL songs from Imogen Heap in there too.

Harry Potter – and if I have to pick just one… Prisoner of Azkaban. I don’t think I need to explain myself here… just an all round Potter head.

And last but not least, Grand Budapest Hotel. I love everything Wes does… but when this came out I was genuinely spell bound. Visually stunning (as always) and just the most wonderful storyline and portrayal of characters. *chef’s kiss*


My favourite song of all time is ‘Vienna’ by Billy Joel. It will play at my wedding and funeral. It is perfect. The end.


My iPad Pro! It’s how I draw all of my illustrations and animations. It goes everywhere with me. I LOVE it.

PS if I had an OP1 it would be that, but I don’t so….

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Fickle Friends will release new album ‘Are We Gonna Be Alright?’ on January 14th.

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