daine announces debut mixtape ‘Quantum Jumping,’ drops “new ground”—listen

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daine has announced her debut mixtape, Quantum Jumping, will drop March 18. Ahead of the project, she has released the track “new ground” and an accompanying music video.

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“new ground” is an upbeat anthem with a bite. It addresses those who have left her behind. daine sings, “I’m moving on to the finer things/Whatever we had I made it disappear/’Cause this shit is fucking over like your dead career.”

The visual features members of the Nocturne community, a group of people formed from daine‘s online parties of the same name.

According to a press release, the forthcoming mixtape is a “tombstone to her adolescence.” It’s an album that finds her discovering her own source of expression and space in a world she felt ostracised within. The mixtape features a chronological timeline of the very first songs daine wrote when she was 16.

Watch daine’s “new ground” music video below.

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