DISTURBED’s DAVID DRAIMAN To Russian People: ‘You Are Our Only Hope Of Trying To Stop This Insanity’

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DISTURBED's DAVID DRAIMAN To Russian People: 'You Are Our Only Hope Of Trying To Stop This Insanity'

DISTURBED frontman David Draiman has recorded a video message for World United Live, a campaign set up to help stop the conflict in Ukraine before it spirals out of control, leading to World War III and the potential nuclear annihilation of human life.

In the three-minute message, which can be seen at WorldUnited.Live, Draiman stated in part: “David Draiman of DISTURBED here, and I am a World United Live messenger. You know me over my many years of fronting the band DISTURBED, obviously.

“I want to speak directly to the Russian people now. I will read out to you a report that has been documented and verified. Please listen to us. It’s not as your leaders are telling you. Millions of people are suffering.

“Below my video you will see the text that I am relaying to you, including links to credible, verified news sources. You may not be able to reach those links because your government is blocking access. If they are blocked, ask yourselves why. What is it that my government does not want me to see? And why can’t I make up my own mind?

“Please listen to us. You are our only hope of trying to stop this insanity.”

After reading out a news report on Russia bombing a theater in Mariupol where hundreds of people had taken shelter, David said: “We all have to do what we can to shed some light in this incredible darkness and to try and expose the truth on the ground, the harsh reality of war, and do all we can to try and stop it and bring it to an end.

“We all want peace. Hopefully we can see that sometime soon.

“Support World United Live. Support the Ukrainian people. And I still support and love the Russian people as well. I think that it’s going to take individuals to rise up and to stand for peace and to make a resounding statement together. We can, if we join our voices together.”

Other World United Live “messengers” include TWISTED SISTER singer Dee Snider and FOZZY frontman Chris Jericho.

“We come from all walks of life,” reads the info on the World United Live web site. “We are artists. We are combat war veterans. We are software engineers, journalists, and music producers. We come from every nationality, background, and way of life. We banded together to use our technology platform, storytelling, and influence in order to not stand idly by as the Russian-Ukraine war unfolds.

“We are organizing the world’s largest mass protest in record time. A worldwide concert event to raise money and provide support for the brave people of Ukraine. In addition, a campaign to use the voices of artists to speak on our behalf to the people of Russia. There is no later, time is of the essence. If we do not stand up now and if Ukraine falls it is too late and evil entrenches itself. We must act together today to send this message. The alternative is World War and mass suffering.

“Your involvement in this event can truly change the course of the world. Are you with us? Do you stand with freedom loving people everywhere? We beseech you to be our voice, to carry our message to peoples in Ukraine and in Russia upon whom this struggle will fall. We want people in villages, cities, squares, parks, and arenas around the world to be out in the streets. This is the only way change will come, when we can all unite and tell despots and dictators that ‘We’re NOT Gonnna Take It!'”

In a recently posted YouTube video, Snider outlined the main goals of the World United Live campaign. Check it out below.

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