Fact Mix 812: DJ SWISHA

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A high-energy snapshot of the US underground from New York-based club artist DJ SWISHA.

Over the past few years, DJ SWISHA has established himself as one of the most prolific club producers in the USA. Drawing on the legacy of Jersey and Baltimore club, juke, footwork and ghetto house, the Philadelphia-born, New York-based artist has been responsible for some of the most exciting club tracks of the past year, turning lockdown into an opportunity to work on a host of varied projects.

A member of Los Angeles’s Juke Bounce Werk crew, DJ SWISHA is a frequent collaborator, releasing EPs with fellow US producers Kush Jones, DIYR and Kanyon over the past 12 months. In late 2020, SWISHA signed to Fool’s Gold Records for the Nothing But Net EP, which rightfully brought him to wider attention. Alongside working his own productions, SWISHA works as a mixing and mastering engineer, with Allergy Season’s Physically Sick 3 compilation, FAUZIA’s Once Upon a Production Mix and Haus of Altr’s HOA012 collection among his credits.

DJ SWISHA’s Fact Mix is an energetic trip into the sounds of the US underground, with his own productions rubbing shoulders with music from AceMo, DJ Rashad, MoMA Ready, DJ Slugo, Kieran Loftus, Traxman, Kush Jones and more. “I stayed true to my usual process with this mix; jammed for a bit to get the first few tracks down then freestyled the rest of the way,” DJ SWISHA says. “As always I threw in unreleased music from me and friends, a few timeless releases along with stuff I’m into that came out recently.”

“Although the mix isn’t 100% NYC/East Coast producers, I feel like it flawlessly captures the energy my friends and I have been known to push along with showing some of the lineage, inspiration and dexterity that contributes to the music we love and continue to be motivated by.”

Follow DJ SWISHA on Instagram and Twitter, and find his music at Bandcamp.


Buen Clima – ‘Bau House’
Kieran Loftus – ‘Iced Coffee Shawdy’
OSSX – ‘Lifespan’
Russell E.L. Butler x DJ SWISHA – ???
Regal86 – ‘Calm My Nervs’
AceMo – ‘Church’
DJ John Brooklyn – ‘Get Ur Gear Took’
DJ SWISHA – ‘Clout Psychosis’ 
Kanyon – ‘Toy God’
Waxmaster Maurice – ‘Check Dis Out’
Greenwald – ‘Aoaoao’
DJ Rashad – ‘You Know I Do’
DJ PayPal – ‘Come Back’
DJ Slugo – ‘JukeFanatic’
90 Process – ‘Talkmachine’
Van Kleef – ‘Life Began Changing’
Kush Jones – ‘Don’t Talk No More’
Traxman – ‘Killing Fields’
Dwarde – ‘What Must I Do?’
DJ SWISHA, Diyr & Kanton – ‘Bushwick Birkin’
Gallery S/MoMA Ready – ‘Almost a Break Track’
Novelist – ‘Seen It All Before’ (feat. Aim, S Milli & Prem)

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