Foo Fighters team up with Jason Sudeikis in “Love Dies Young” video

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foo fighters jason sudeikis love dies young video
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Jason Sudeikis stars in Foo Fighters’ newest video for “Love Dies Young,” from the band’s latest album Medicine at Midnight.

Written and directed by Foos frontman Dave Grohl, the video sees Sudeikis take on the role of coach in a performance reminiscent of his performance in Ted Lasso.

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The video starts off with a long monologue from Sudeikis as he motivates a group of swimmers before their competition.

“How lucky are we?” he starts off. “We get to something that we love, that we are good at. How lucky are we?”

The speech quickly turns into something less than inspirational, however, when he begins talking about how much the judges hate them, how he doesn’t pay his taxes, how the swimmers’ toe points suck and more.

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The opening riffs of the song begin as the swimmers make their way to the pool. They then turn around to show that the Foo Fighters’ faces have been edited onto the swimmers’ faces, and it only gets weirder from there.

You can watch the video for “Love Dies Young” below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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