Headed South video from Breakin’ Strings

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Breakin' Strings

As the new century started, Breakin’ Strings was a popular bluegrass group in the northeastern US. Based in Maine, the band launched in 2004, founded by mandolinist and songwriter Cliff Gelina and guitarist Corey Bonnevie, and toured and recorded aggressively for the next eight years. The band went on hiatus in 2012, only to reform again last year with a fresh set of songs and a newfound passion.

A new album has been completed, Hangovers & Heartaches, recorded at Nashville’s legendary Blackbird Studio, and is set for release soon. Breakin’ Strings has a full schedule for the summer season, and has just been announced as a Bluegrass Ramble showcase artist for the 2022 World of Bluegrass convention in Raleigh, NC.

To celebrate all this progress, the guys have released a music video for their first single from the new album. It’s one written by Cliff and the band called Headed South. Gelina sings the lead, with support from bandmates Bonnevie on guitar, long time banjoist Hunter Webber, fiddler Ed Howe, and newest member Brian Durkin on bass.

For the music video, they have compiled travel and road video with footage of the band tracking in the big room at Blackbird, and performing on stage to create a very effective presentation of the song.

Check it out…


While no release date for Hangovers & Heartaches has been announced, we feel certain that it will be available in time for World of Bluegrass in September.

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