Hutchison Brothers remembered from days at the Seneca Hotel

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The Hutchison Brothers are a well remembered part of the bluegrass scene in southeastern Ohio. Starting in the mid-1970s, brothers John (J.D.) on guitar and Bob (Zeke) Hutchison on banjo recorded and performed original music, along with Tom Hampton on mandolin, Greg Dearth on fiddle, and Tim Sparkman on bass.

With both brothers passing this last year, Hampton has put together this memorial video, combining a song of his, Cold Beer Sign, with photos and original art recalling the great fun – and music – they made together. The song describes their time at The Seneca Hotel in Ohio where they were regulars circa 1975.

Tom, who went by “Peach” in the band, described The Seneca as “a rundown bar in Byesville, Ohio, playing for a couple of free beers and whatever the band could charge patrons at the door, usually just a dollar or two. Greg Dearth, the fiddler in the band, cartooned, drew and painted the original art in the video (copyright Gregory M. Dearth 1975, 1985, 2013).”

Anyone who saw The Hutchison Brothers Band back in the day, or who owns one of their three classic albums, will surely enjoy this bit of Industrial Bluegrass history.

Well done Tom. Thanks for the memory!

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