Jitwam’s ‘Brooklyn Ballers’ Is An Ode To NYC Energy

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Jitwam is a child of the world.

Hailing from Assam in northeast India, raised in Australia, he then spent a number of years in New York.

Each place has touched him deeply, with the sensory shifts from continent to continent building up inside his imagination.

A noted producer and musician whose pan-genre touch leans on the transcendent, he’s a self-proclaimed “psychedelic soul savant”.

Out now, new single ‘Brooklyn Ballers’ epitomises this energy, melding together house, rock guitar, gospel vocals, and jazz inflections.

Sounding like a track beamed in from some fantastic Big Apple radio station, ‘Brooklyn Ballers’ is an ode to the energy of NYC.

As he puts it…

‘Brooklyn Ballers’ is a homage to the city in all its hustle and bustle. The magic in the air, that can make dreams come true and can turn your fears into your worst nightmares.

Check out the video now.

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Catch Jitwam at Dialled In Festival on April 9th @ EartH, London.

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