Kane Brown Says His Daughter Kingsley Is “Killin’ It” As A Big Sister

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Country music star Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn rolled into the New Year as a family of four, as they secretly welcomed their second child Kodi Jane Brown on Dec. 30 in Nashville. After spending 2021 in the limelight, the couple decided to keep Katelyn’s pregnancy on the down-low – leaving fans flabbergasted when they took to social media to announce the lovely news.

“New Year, New family❤️ welcome to the family Kodi Jane 🥰 secrets finally out,” says the multi-platinum artist on Instagram, alongside a precious photo of their newborn daughter wrapped in a soft lavender blanket and matching bonnet.

As the hitmaker and Katelyn managed to hide their daughter from devoted country music fanatics for a long nine months, Brown recently told Audacy’s Mo & StyckMan that they also kept the pregnancy from his mom as well.

“I didn’t even tell my mom!” Kane confessed before explaining that Katelyn had to go the extra mile to cover the growing bump under her clothes. “We definitely had some wardrobe changes and all kinds of things,” he laughed.

During the brief interview, Brown mentioned that his tiny family had adjusted perfectly to their new normal with the little one now in the picture. In fact, his two-year-old daughter Kingsley has even been helping out around the house.

“I don’t know if she [Kingsley] knows it’s her sister yet, but she is killin’ it,” the proud girl dad gushed. “Every time the baby cries…she’s like, *gasp* Baby! She’s like, ‘Daddy, Daddy – baby!”

He continued, “The other day…Kate was holding her [Kodi] on the couch, and the baby started crying. There was an empty bottle that Kate literally just fed her…[Kingsley] jumped up and got the bottle off the table and gave it to Kodi.”

Shortly after Kodi’s birth, the award-winning musician left his girls behind to kick off the second leg of his Blessed & Free Tour. While out on the road, Brown shared a touching tribute to his wife and thanked her for keeping the family safe.

“On the last leg of the tour❤️ I just want to thank everyone on my team who made this possible, also to the venue people, the fans, and artists!! BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY by baby @katelynbrown,” Kane wrote on Instagram under a carousel of photos featuring tour highlights. “Two babies at the house while I’m on the road for the last month and still holding the fort down. Your basically superwoman and I just wanted you and let everyone else know how appreciative I am of you! My rockstar❤️,” he concludes.

The supermom immediately showed her love and support by commenting with a string of heart emojis. Late January and before the special shout-out, Brown revealed that he and his wife got matching tattoos in honor of their new daughter. The two also have a meaningful ink stain dedicated to their oldest, Kingsley Rose.

It seems like the mother of two will be riding solo for a few more months, as Brown recently extended the Bless & Free Tour. The third leg of the trek will begin on May 7 in Chattanooga, Tenn., and Chase Rice, Walker Hayes, and Raelynn will make a grand appearance on specific dates.

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