Lonely Side of Goodbye from Junior Sisk

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Junior Sisk

Mountain Fever Records has a driving new bluegrass single from Junior Sisk, The Lonely Side of Goodbye, recorded with the fine group of pickers and singers in his touring band.

Since retiring his long time group, Rambler’s Choice, Sisk has focused on a super traditional style of hard-edged grass, with a stellar band of musicians by his side. Jonathan Dillon is on mandolin, Doug Bartlett is on fiddle, and Curt Love on bass, but what has really juiced up Junior’s show is the strong vocal harmonies he gets from Heather Berry Mabe on guitar and Tony Mabe on banjo. And they’re not just terrific singers, both are solid pickers as well, adding tremendous energy to the band.

Junior explains a bit about this song, which will also be included on his upcoming Lost & Alone album, due next Friday.

“I got this song from Randall Hylton. It’s a great traditional bluegrass tune! The Lonely Side of Goodbye just fit our style perfectly – it’s hardcore traditional! Not to steal Allen (Styx) Hicks’ saying, but ‘Why wouldn’t ya?’ Like it that is!”

Have a listen…


Look for The Lonely Side of Goodbye now at popular download and streaming services online. Lost & Alone will also be widely available on October 21.

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