Mary Ann Is A Pistol from Lonesome River Band

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Mountain Home Music has a new single for Lonesome River Band, which may a first listen to the newly-revised lineup of the band.

With banjo man Sammy Shelor still firmly in control, and right hand man Mike Hargrove beside him on fiddle, there are two new members of LRB since their last recording. Adam Miller, fresh out of the bluegrass program at ETSU, is on mandolin, and Kameron Keller has come aboard on bass. With Adam now on the team, previous mandolinist Jesse Smathers has moved over to guitar.

This new track is one that Shelor says he discovered diving through his old collection of music, Mary Ann Is A Pistol.

“The LRB has been doing the Jimmy Martin classic, Mary Ann, since around 1985. And it’s been a mainstay in our live shows ever since. Last year, I was digging through a bunch of cassettes I had from the ’80s and ’90s — I still love the sound of them — and ran across one of my favorite records ever by Brother Phelps (check them out if you haven’t heard these albums), recorded in 1995. They did a rocking version of this Dennis Linde song, and the more I listened to it, the more it became a bluegrass song in my head and a perfect song to follow the Jimmy Martin Mary Ann.

We hope you enjoy our version of Mary Ann Is A Pistol!”

Adam sings the lead and the guys take this song at a bluesy mid-tempo groove. Check it out.

Mary Ann Is A Pistol is available now from popular download and streaming services online. Radio programmers will find the track at AirPlay Direct.

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