Music Industry Mourns Tragic Death of Splice Exec Christina Lee

Splice Christina Lee deathSplice Christina Lee death Photo Credit: Splice

Christina Yuna Lee, a Senior Creative Producer at Splice, was killed over the weekend. The music industry is mourning her untimely loss.

“Over the weekend, our beloved Christina Lee was senselessly murdered in her home. Our hearts are broken,” Splice said in a company statement. “Always dedicated to making beautiful and inclusive artwork, Christina is irreplaceable. As we start to process this tragedy, we ask that you remember Christina Lee as the magical person she was, always filled with joy. We wish peace upon her family in their grief.”

Prior to her Senior Producer work at Splice, Lee also worked on campaigns for brands like Google, Twix, Equinox, Cole Haan, and more. A vigil was held in her honor in Chinatown on Monday, with a memorial springing up in front of her place of residence. But on Wednesday, that public memorial was defaced.

The suspect, Assamad Nash, was taken into custody at the scene by police. He has since been charged with Lee’s murder. “The suspect is in custody, but the condition that created him remain. The mission of this administration is clear: we won’t let this violence go unchecked,” says NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

Meanwhile, Christina’s colleagues in the music industry at large remember her for her tremendous talent.

A co-worker at Splice, Kenneth Takanami writes on Twitter, “We bonded over a shared mission for a more inclusive creator space, among many other things. She formed the Art Appropriation Council after many hours of discussion about the place of Asians in the music community and how we, in our small little corner of the industry, could combat racism and appropriation.”

Christina Lee’s manager Dani DiCiaccio called her a “bubbly, curious, creative, and confident human.” DiCiaccio says Lee put positivity into the world in a way that will be sorely missed. “She saved people seats at meetings, spontaneously joined them at Dumbo House, spontaneously joined them for a trip to the Cloisters, started a book club, had lunches with people on completely opposite and random teams, slacked people while on a zoom call, telling them ‘your lipstick is absolutely perfect today.’”

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