New Politics’ David Boyd releases latest solo track “Animal”—listen

david boyd animal premiere
[Photo via David Boyd]

New PoliticsDavid Boyd is ready to have a dance party in his latest feel-good single “Animal,” featured here at Alternative Press.

The track’s pop sound is infectious in all the right ways. Sonically, it also mirrors the internal emotions that Boyd felt while writing it.

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“My song ‘Animal’ is a playful, energetic tune,” he says in a press release. “I want my music to show and reflect the diversity I am as a living human. My moods can be a roller coaster of experiences and emotions. When writing ‘Animal,’ I was in a dance feel-good mood, and the outcome reflects that exactly.”

“Animal” is the latest track from Boyd’s solo project. It follows the previously released tracks “Stay Or Walk Away,” “Ambush,” “Waste Away” and “No Regrets.”

These songs were all made during the COVID-19 pandemic when Boyd found he had downtime to work on a solo project. The songs reflect this time in his life, as well as his new journey through fatherhood after the birth of his daughter. 

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“[This project is] gonna be very diverse, but I feel I’m a diverse person,” Boyd says of his solo endeavors. “I feel that I don’t only have to do one thing. I think people can relate to that, especially in this day and age with new technologies.

“My plane playlist isn’t only rock or punk or ballads or R&B or pop or dance or house music or Latin music. My playlist is a mix-mash of anything that is relatable and makes me feel something. And that’s my life—it is a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. So I feel my solo project will reflect that.”

You can check out “Animal” below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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