Rhonda Vincent’s day at the 2022 Grammys

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Rhonda Vincent

Rhonda Vincent had a big time at the 2022 Grammy Awards last Sunday in Las Vegas. Though she didn’t come home with a trophy, she did enjoy the spirit and the camaraderie among artists that the occasion allows. Plus she had won a Grammy for the Best Bluegrass Album in 2018 for All The Rage: Volume 1. Mustn’t be greedy.

With cameraman in tow, Rhonda was able to capture many of the sights of the Grammy Premiere ceremony which she attended, as well as the many opportunities for artists to meet and chat before the ceremony, and at the many after parties held into the wee hours. As you’ll see, she ran into quite a few music industry and entertainment notables along the way.

She has assembled many of these photos into a montage set against the tune Ashes of Mt. Augustine from her All American Bluegrass Girl album in 2006.



Thanks, Rhonda, for sharing your day at the Grammys with us all!

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