Sexpays Drop Smooth House Anthem, ‘LOVE’

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SEXPAYS is coming out of left field with his take on house music. This is their very first release overall, showcasing a sensational house vibe that hits all the right marks. The mystery artist approaches at things from a different view, which can certainly be seen as a feature the electronic world needs more of.

From the sound of it, he’s gained experience producing, and most likely DJing, from years of practice and potentially expressing himself under a different alias – the chops going on here are at a caliber that’s too strong to be a first go-around at an artist career.

“Love,” is very first song for this project and sets a nice stage for more to come in the near future. There’s plenty to enjoy with what SEXPAYS serves up, keep an eye for this artist who’s got passion and drive for the music he makes.

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