Silver City, latest single from Chris Jones

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Chris Jones & The Night Drivers

Mountain Home Music has a new single for Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, taken from their current album, Make Each Second Last. If we can take the past as prologue, it is destined for the #1 spot on our Bluegrass Today Weekly Airplay chart, like the last several songs they have released.

This one is Silver City, a lyrical mid-tempo number which Chris composed based on the time he spent a semester abroad while his wife was studying and teaching in Scotland a few years ago.

“I wrote this one about Aberdeen, Scotland, which on old travel posters is called ‘Silver City by the Sea.’ My family and I spent an entire school year in that part of Scotland in 2015, and the place really captured my heart. Because it was a family experience there, my wife, Sally, sang harmony on the song with me and Marshall Wilborn. It’s also the recording debut of my daughter, Joanna, who makes a cameo harmony singing appearance on the bridge.”

It features Jones with his trusty Night Drivers, with Chris on guitar and lead vocal, Wilborn on bass and harmony vocal, Mark Stoffel on mandolin, and Grace Van’t Hof on banjo.

Have a listen…

Both Silver City and the complete Make Each Second Last album are available now from popular download and streaming services online.

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