Tony King of Big Country Bluegrass needs our help

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Big Country Bluegrass

Big Country Bluegrass bass player Tony King and his family need your thoughts and prayers.  

King has a rare form of cancer that effects blood/bone marrow, and he will need a bone marrow transplant that will require him to stay in the UVA University Hospital, Charlottesville, for about four months.

To assist in covering the costs of the treatment, a benefit took place on Saturday, April 16, 2022, at the Shriners Building in his hometown of Galax, Virginia.  

Currently there isn’t any indication that there will be further benefit events. Former Big Country Bluegrass banjo player Lynwood Lunsford hopes that there will be more, “because he is going to need it.”

If you would like to send a get-well card to him or make a donation you can mail it to his address:

7280 Meadow Creek Road
Galax, Virginia 24333

…or cash can be sent through the Cash app.

He has played on all five of the band’s Rebel albums, beginning with The Boys in Hats and Ties (2010). 

Lunsford adds, “… to make matters worse, his wife has also been diagnosed with cancer.”

Let’s hope to hear good news soon from Tony and Sue.

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