Track Of The Day 6/10 – Sody


Sody tends to wear her heart on her sleeve.

As an artist, Sody’s music is essentially a mirror version of her emotional life, depicting all the ups and downs, successes and struggles that come with it.

New single ‘Bitch (I Said It)’ is something different, though. Barbed alt-pop that flips her emotions on their back, it moves from introspection to wild extroversion.

Allowing Sody’s anger to gain full expression, ‘Bitch (I Said It)’ is catchy-as-hell and all too relatable, as the pop savant attempting to remove relationships from her life that simply don’t work.

Sharply defined autobiographical pop music, the single kicks off a new chapter for this vivid songwriter.

Sody comments…

“After years of releasing music about my sadness, ‘Bitch (i said it)’ takes me into this new, angrier phase. I do see the good in people a lot but there are only so many times you can put up with someone treating you badly.”

“This song has given me new confidence and has enabled me to channel my emotions into a sort of cheeky rage rather than crying into my pillow energy. It’s the realisation that you’re actually better off without them and now you can scream it from the rooftops!”

Tune in now.

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