Unknown T – Adolescence

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Unknown T has released his new mixtape ‘Adolescence’, a re-introduction to the rapper’s realm of music, and his own personal touches on the drill side of music.

The 15 song tape consists primarily of drill anthems and pleasantries for his targeted audience; he focuses on making his name known, becoming ever-cemented as one of the smoothest drill artists to ever grace the microphone. Five key highlights contain notable features from some of the veterans in the UK scene including: Nafe Smallz, M Huncho, Potter Payper, M1llionz, and Digga D.

All of the songs that are featured on the mixtape seem to mesh into one sphere of drill, leaving a desire for a more attention-grabbing track that allows for us to get to see a different side of Unknown T. As the mixtape is a great way of allowing new listeners to be acquainted with the artist’s smooth, fast, and punchy delivery, there is no doubt on the lyrical ability or his ability to create flows and rhythms that would seemingly seem unconventional. Unknown T, makes it clear: he is here to stay, and that he is one of the strongest artists in the drill scene. Songs such as ‘WW2’, ‘Driller Sh!t’ and ‘GLEE’ ft. Digga D showcase this raw and natural ability to deliver menacing lyrics with pin-point accuracy and speed, standing out in a sea of saturation currently being showcased in the drill scene.

‘Bible Love’ and ‘Sweet Lies’ showcase a softer presence to the rambunctious MC, with gentle melodies emphasised by the low-tempo and the use of string instruments; these are by no means the strongest songs on the project, as they cut through the mix and create an obstruction in the structure in which the songs are placed, but they are a nice addition as they create necessary variation.

Overall, ‘Adolescence’ is a good project for Unknown T to cement himself in the UK music scene, and provides some necessary innovation on to a saturated musical space.


Words: Ramy Abou-Setta

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