Vocalist position open with Country Current

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Country Current, the bluegrass and country group with the US Navy Band command in Washington, DC, is preparing to audition for the position of Lead Vocalist/Entertainer. This comes as veteran band member Kenny Ray Horton is set to retire from the Navy.

A successful candidate will be a professional grade singer capable of leading both a bluegrass and country ensemble, serve as frontman/MC in either situation, and play rhythm guitar in both.

Applicants must be between 18 to 39 years of age, and otherwise qualified for service in the US Navy. There are some fairly strict requirements for entry relating to physical appearance and medical readiness, and you must be a US citizen.

The band is accepting audition requests through October 1, with auditions to be scheduled for November 29-30. To be considered, you will need to submit a US Navy Band Audition Application, and an audition recording demonstrating your abilities as a vocalist and rhythm guitarist on three country and/or bluegrass songs. Full details can be found online.

Live, in person auditions will be by invitation only.

This position comes with a rank of E-6 (musician first class) and a starting salary between $67,842-$70,326, with full benefits for yourself plus dependents, and 30 days leave each year. Country Current is based in Washington, DC, and performs at both ceremonial and public events.

Country Current was formed in 1973 when Country Gentlemen banjo player Bill Emerson joined the Navy for this purpose. Most members have stayed in for twenty years until they could retire, as it is one one the most stable careers available to top bluegrass musicians. The band currently includes Haley Stiltner on banjo and Danny Stewart on bass, both graduates of the ETSU bluegrass music program, and Patrick McAvinue, formerly of the Dailey & Vincent band.

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