With “Every Small Town,” Ben Gallaher Celebrates Being “Cut From the Same Cloth” as His Fans

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Nashville-based and Pennsylvania-born singer-songwriter Ben Gallaher’s latest video for “Every Small Town” highlights how the performer is “cut from the same cloth as [his fanbase],” the artist notes to CMT. The David Abbott-directed video is a visual representation of the lyric, Gallaher adds. He continues, “From the small-town scenes to the white church, to the cold beer crowd. David Abbott and his team did an incredible job of depicting what the song is about as well as tying in the performance.”

Regarding the meaning of the track itself and how it highlights how he leads a similar lifestyle to his listeners, Gallaher notes, “I too was raised in a small town, drink cold beer with my friends on Friday nights, and depend on my faith to carry me through all of life’s ups and downs. ’Every Small Town’ is a representation of the American Spirit and it doesn’t matter if you are from a small town or not, we all have homegrown roots somewhere that helped make us who we are today.”

The making of the video also proved profound for Gallaher. He tells CMT, “I think the best part of the whole day had to be having my wife, friends, band, and the entire team in one place for this creative experience. The location we shot at was at a farm about an hour outside of Nashville. The owner is actually the farmer you see on the tractor in the video. It was my first time doing a full-production video shoot, so from the time I arrived until the cameras shut off, the entire experience was surreal.”

“Every Small Town” is the title track to Gallaher’s June-released, five-song EP.

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