Wyatt Wood to Caleb Bailey & Paine’s Run

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Wyatt Wood

Virginia bluegrass singer and songwriter Caleb Bailey has announced a new member of his band, Paine’s Run, as Wyatt Wood joins the group on guitar.

Bailey formed this group after the strong reaction to his debut album, Poplar & Pine, in 2021. Based in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Caleb is on guitar and lead vocals, with Rob Slusser on banjo, Brandon Kyle on bass, Joe Showalter on fiddle, and Chandler Beavers on mandolin. Wood joins as a second guitarist and vocalist.

Wyatt has been playing bluegrass music since he was 12 years old, learning through the encouragement of his dad and grandfather.

Bailey is busy with the guys finishing up their first band project at Homestead Recordings, with Caleb Cox at the board. Cox is another notable young bluegrass singer and songwriter who played for some time with Nothin’ Fancy.

Here’s Caleb’s music video from last year for his song House Of The Lord, which spent some time on our charts.


For more information on Caleb Bailey & Paine’s Run visit them online or on Facebook.

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